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14×24, 26×26, 26×36, 36×36

ArtiForge’s dye-sublimation playmats epitomize quality and innovation. Created through a meticulous process, vibrant designs are digitally printed onto specially coated fabric using dye-sublimation technology. This process ensures striking colors and intricate details that won’t fade or wear over time. The fabric is then carefully heat-pressed onto a rubberized backing, resulting in a durable and flexible play surface that lays flat and stays put during gameplay. With customizable options to suit any theme or style, ArtiForge’s dye-sublimation playmats elevate gaming experiences to new heights, offering both aesthetic appeal and exceptional performance.

A heat press is integral to the dye-sublimation process of creating playmats. It begins with a printed design on a special transfer paper containing sublimation dyes. The paper is placed onto the playmat fabric, and both are secured in the heat press. Under high temperature and pressure, the dyes on the paper sublimate, transforming into a gas that permeates the fabric’s surface. As the heat press cools, the dyes revert to a solid state, becoming permanently embedded within the fibers. This results in vivid, long-lasting colors and intricate details, ensuring that the playmat maintains its quality and aesthetic appeal through countless gaming sessions.

ArtiForge offers a diverse range of sizes and customization options for playmats, catering to every gamer’s preference and style. Whether you need standard sizes for popular games or custom dimensions for unique setups, we have you covered. Our playmats can be tailored with personalized artwork, logos, or themes, ensuring each piece reflects your vision perfectly. From individual orders to large-scale productions, ArtiForge accommodates any volume requirement, whether it’s 5 playmats or 5,000. With our commitment to quality and efficiency, rest assured that ArtiForge delivers exceptional playmats that enhance gaming experiences, no matter the scale.

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